In Conversation  (first half) (second half) video with Frances and Professor Simon Olding

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The genesis of this show lies in a constellation of glaze test vessels by Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie: these tiny pots and associated notebooks express her curiosity about the specificity and particularity of material local to her

Her test pots (above) are 'a synthesis of nature, art and science'. Simon Olding

In these pieces I met an artist very like myself- curious about her ‘common or garden’ ground. A maker who tended her ingredients closely, used local clays, recorded the harvests of organic materials precisely.  She knew that the outcome of the firing would potentially be unique to every batch of grass or pine. Her recipe notes acknowledge the influence of season and of soil on gathered materials in and surrounding her garden at Coleshill in Berkshire and at later at Kilmington Manor in Wiltshire. 
Hers was a heart-centred practice.
 ‘I want to make beautiful objects – there is no hidden statement' K P-B
There is much that’s unstated yet implicit within the humility of that sentence. The quiet integrity of her oeuvre arises out of a profound connection and curiosity about place- her place. Included in the exhibition is a display of some of her notebooks from The Crafts Study Centre collection. .